Loved, admired and supported by so many, Achim Boehme was the inspirational CEO of Lomar between 2010-2020. He tragically lost a brave, year-long battle with cancer in July 2020.

We are all better for knowing a man with such great energy, warmth, integrity, talent and leadership qualities, however Achim’s wonderful legacy to Lomar and to our shipping industry will live on.  

Our scholarship

The Achim Boehme Scholarship programme will support the next generation of seafarers and shipping professionals. Honouring the life and legacy of a great leader and innovator, it will enshrine his lifelong contribution to the shipping industry as well as to Lomar, helping to educate and develop the leaders of tomorrow.

The scholarship programme will enhance our existing support for young people and is being developed in partnership with a leading educational institute in Bremen. It will provide financial and other support to young people interested in pursuing a career in maritime. For more information or contributions to the Achim Boehme Scholarship please contacting us at  


The Achim Boehme Peace Veranda has been established at the William Jefferson Clinton Center for Peace & Technology, in Washington DC.  A non-partisan, independent institute, founded by US Congress, The United States Institute of Peace ( is dedicated to the proposition that a world without violent conflict is possible, practical and essential for the U.S. and for global security.

Located on the second floor, the beautiful Achim Boehme Peace Veranda (pictured below) overlooks USIP's headquarters building and provides a peaceful area for reflection by visitors and its staff. It is visible from the main entrance and to all who enter the facility. The veranda honours a great commercial leader – a kind man who motivated and charmed everyone he met, no matter their role or level of seniority, and for whom peace was a core value.

We can think of no better or lasting honour than naming this tranquil space after Achim and hope it will inspire peace among communities worldwide in decades to come.