Scholarship to honour the memory of Achim Boehme

Jul 2021

A new scholarship to support young people pursuing careers in shipping has been established in Germany in honour of Achim Boehme, the late CEO of Lomar Shipping, who tragically lost a brave battle with cancer in July 2020.

Always supportive of new recruits to this industry, Achim was a great mentor and teacher to others and his legacy will be carried forward through the Achim Boehme Scholarship programme. It will initially help shipping students at Hochschule Bremen - City University of Applied Sciences in his home city of Bremen, Germany, to which Achim had a close affinity.

Announcing the new scholarship George Logothetis, Chairman and CEO of Lomar’s parent Libra Group, said: “It was heart-breaking to have such a great friend taken from us so prematurely. Achim was a stalwart of decency, a bastion of integrity and goodness; a true leader. The first to offer his time, together with his help, his guidance and his direction to anyone planning a career in shipping, we honour his memory by establishing the Achim Boehme Scholarship programme.”

Nicholas Georgiou, who succeeded Achim Boehme as CEO in October 2020, worked alongside him for more than a decade as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. He said: “Achim’s passing left a massive void among all of us who knew and worked with him – within Lomar and in the wider shipping industry. He was a great leader and innovator who inspired the development of so many in our profession. This scholarship programme will perpetuate Achim Boehme’s lifelong contribution to shipping by helping to develop the leaders of tomorrow.”

Professor Captain Thomas Jung from the City University of Applied Sciences in Bremen, said: “Achim Boehme contributed so much to the industry of shipping, to education and also to the City of Bremen. We are honoured to work with Lomar to develop this scholarship, to support the future careers of students who may follow in the footsteps of Achim Boehme and, like him, become a giant of the shipping industry in the decades to come.”

For more information about the scholarship visit and for shipping degrees at Hochschule Bremen - City University of Applied Sciences The scholarship is dedicated to students taking degree programs in International Ship Management – Nautical Sciences B.Sc. (ISMN) and International Shipping and Chartering B.A. (ISSC).

Both are English-language degree programmes that have been relaunched and modernised to meet the dynamic requirements and challenges of the maritime industry, and provide graduates with easy access to the maritime labour market. ISMN graduates gain a Certificate of Competence as mariners and are taught to management level. ISSC students aiming to one day play leading roles in the maritime industry study a broad range of essential courses including economics, management, maritime law and ship technology. 

Achim Boehme, who died prematurely at the age of 56, joined Lomar’s management team as Chief Financial Officer in early 2010 and was promoted to CEO that same year, taking overall responsibility for the company’s management, strategy and development. He was also General Manager of Lomar Deutschland/Germany.

He brought many years of senior experience in maritime transport, ship finance and maritime law, having studied law and economics at Münster, Freiburg and Speyer (postgraduate) universities, before working in a barrister’s chambers and German shipping law firms.

Achim later became shipping specialist at Hamburgische Landesbank before joining Deutsche Schiffsbank, then one of the world’s leading ship finance banks, as Deputy General Manager and Head of Greek Shipping. During his banking career Achim carried out numerous ship finance transactions and had been involved in many landmark deals in international and Greek shipping.

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