Lomar Corporation is a ship-owning and management group with a diversified fleet of over 80 bulk carriers, container ships, products and chemical tankers.

As a leading ship owner and operator, Lomar Corporation can call on nearly 40 years of history. Our fleets have moved millions of tonnes of cargo and we have worked globally with major organizations, from charterers to shipping professionals and governments.

Originally known for ‘reefers’ – refrigerated cargo ships – since the 1990s Lomar has been broadening its interests by growing a mixed fleet which can be deployed in many settings. This diversity has allowed us to invest in market cycles within the overall shipping industry, maintaining a sustained industry commitment throughout. We have also secured many cargo contracts over the years and formed joint ventures with cargo interests, giving us an international footprint and a precious insight into global commercial cultures.

Lomar sold 67 vessels during 2004-07, ready to re-enter the shipping market as soon as the right market conditions presented themselves. The $325-million landmark acquisition of the Allocean group and its mixed fleet of 26 vessels in 2009 proved a perfect complement to our own expertise and a platform for further acquisitions. During the sustained downturn in the ensuing years we maintained our dedication to the industry and acquired over 125 vessels for $2 billion, including orders for over 25 modern, fuel-efficient new container ships and 'Ultramax' bulk carriers from Chinese shipyards. Lomar has a continuous process of refreshment and renewal of the fleet and selectively sells vessels; for example, in August 2014 the entire offshore fleet was sold. Today Lomar has a total fleet of over 80 ships.

Our London-based management organization, Lomar Shipping, provides technical and commercial maritime services for the fleet. Lomar Deutschland GmbH in Bremen commercially and technically manages our vessels registered in Germany while Lomar Shipping Singapore Pte in Singapore addresses our growing commitment to the Far Eastern markets. Lomar Shipmanagement Ltd., BVI, manages our developing portfolio of vessels in the dry sector. 

Lomar is ISO 9001/2008 and 14001/2004 certified, and a member of the UK Chamber of Shipping, the Bremer Rhederverein, and the Singapore Shipping Association (from 2017).

Lomar Corporation is a principal subsidiary of the Libra Group, an international business group that controls 30 subsidiaries active across six continents. It is primarily focused on five core sectors: shipping, aviation, real estate, hospitality and energy. Outside those areas there are selected 'diversified investments'. Transportation is both a core business sector and a powerful legacy for the Libra Group. Its aviation subsidiary, LCI, has purchased aircraft with a value approaching $6 billion since its formation in 2003. The company maintains a modern fleet of wide and narrow-bodied aircraft with a lessee portfolio of leading airlines and has approaching 90 rotary wing aircraft valued at around $1.5 billion.

The Libra Group is wholly-owned by the Logothetis family which for more than 40 years has been involved in every aspect of the shipping market, including ownership, commercial management and technical management.