As part of a family business, we seek to turn family values into guiding principles. One core value is a strong sense of respect and trust in the individual. As a global shipping business we take our responsibility to the global community seriously.

We recognise our responsibility not only to our immediate stakeholders, but to the global community as a whole. We minimise the environmental impact of our work through investment in the latest fuel-efficient vessels and operational systems and processes. We also actively give something back to global communities - highlighted by the direct work of our philanthropy and through the support we provide to the next generation of seafarers and shipping professionals through our Achim Boehme Scholarship and other initiatives. 

From humble beginnings as a small shipping company to today's highly diversified organisation, Libra Group is inspired by human ingenuity. Today our organisation supports 10 independently-run social programs housed under Libra Philanthropies, created to address unmet needs and help people around the world. For the full story see here.

Towards a cleaner environment
Our fleet expansion demonstrates a clear commitment to environmental standards that exceed those required by the maritime industry. This was underlined by an extensive newbuildings programme between 2012-2021 for 43 ECO vessels (container ships and bulk carriers) from first-class Chinese shipyards that were designed by the leading Chinese design institute SDARI (Shanghai Merchant Ship Design and Research Institute) to meet the highest fuel efficiency and environmental compliance standards. A combination of optimised aqua dynamics, aligned with leaner and cleaner burning engines, led to an environmental footprint that anticipated and exceeded statutory demands.

A culture of opportunity
We believe in the twin values of hope and opportunity. Lomar participates directly in many Libra Group initiatives that seek to create an environment in which talented young individuals can develop skills and knowledge while working alongside proven leaders in their field.

Since the creation of the Libra Internship Programme in 2011, Lomar has provided numerous paid internship placements. The programme is truly international and open to undergraduate students who are currently enrolled at an accredited college or university in any country and who display an interest in learning about the world of work through the eyes of an international business. It has already placed hundreds of interns from more than 40 countries in various roles within 20 Libra Group businesses. Our goal is for our interns to learn about our business, strategy and management philosophy, while developing further skills that will help to shape their future. For more information about the application process, click here

Lomar also hosts deck and engine cadets as part of their officer education and training programmes. In order to secure the next generation of seafarers we employ trainees on some ships as they pursue future careers as nautical or technical assistant officers, or as ship's operational assistants. We accommodate almost 50 deck and engine cadets each year. 


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